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Image by bill wegener

The purpose of the Christian Education Programs

- facilitated by HCOC -

are to educate and strengthen the children's faith in God;

helping them cope with daily life challenges, including drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, and many other serious issues.

"I was a nobody, but because of your concern, care, love and compassion to assist me socially, psychologically and intellectually, you have made me somebody.


Living a life where your biological parents are both dead  is something which is unbearable and painful to reflect back on it; sometimes it demotivates and paints a life of hopelessness when you do not have someone to lean on or who will care for your welfare as a parent would.


I want to appreciate your unconditional love sometimes going through thick and thin  to raise me this far. The fact that I have acquired knowledge through education up to the tertiary level;  

I am now a recognizable citizen who can also be influential in society a few years to come.


As important, I have derived the steadfast love that parents can give to kids. Thank you very much HCOC, Zimbabwe Mission Partnership, Rotary International and Renewed Hope Charitable Foundation, for covering that gap and loving me." 

Image by Stuart Isaac Harrier

Look Up, Child!

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