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ZMP believes that every child deserves an education.​

ZMP works to see that the kids served by HCOC

will have the opportunity to go to school

Education reduces Poverty

​​Giving children access to good education reduces poverty.  School completion rates in Zimbabwe are strongly associated with children’s socio-economic status.

1 of 3 children in low-income countries don’t complete their primary education.  

  • 98% of children cared for by HCOC complete their primary education.  

  • 95% of HCOC children progress beyond primary education.   

  • Some have gone on to a university.  Eight have graduated (4 girls and 4 boys).

28% of girls in low-income countries cannot read

or write.  ​​

  • 100% of children cared for by HCOC do learn to read and write.  

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School Fees & Uniforms

  • ​​ZMP provides school fees and uniforms for hundreds of children every year

  • School fees average $30 per trimester depending on school level.

  • ZMP strives to provide HCOC children with required school uniforms that are like those worn by other children in school.   This gives the kids pride, and minimizes the likelihood that they would looked down upon by other children.

Mupfuti’s parents were killed in an automobile accident when he was very young. He moved to Murewa for his grandmother to look after him. She was 77 and self-employed, producing barely enough to survive through peasant farming. HCOC began to support Mupfuti by covering his school fees, and providing school uniforms and stationery for his classwork.


“Without HCOC,” he says, “life” was like trying to destroy a mountain with a teaspoon because, as an orphan in a poor family, there is no joy at all. HCOC made me smile again. I strived to work hard from my primary level up to advanced level and did well in these levels of education. I have now moved to the next level—tertiary education."


Mupfupi attends Binder University of Science Education. With fellow students at the university he launched a Rotaract Club to help vulnerable children and the disadvantaged. The club focuses on ways to empower young men and women between 18 and 30 years of age, offering physical, social and financial help to all those in need in their communities. 

Image by Stijn Kleerebezem
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