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Image by Annie Spratt

Children’s lives
have been changed -
from one of desperation - to one
of hope

"I was a nobody, but because of your concern, care,
love and compassion to assist me socially, psychologically
and intellectually, you have made me somebody." 

HCOC Graduate


Children Helped

673 orphans and vulnerable children served (359 male and 314 female; 45% under age 6 and 55% up to age 18)

The Impact is Massive


Feeding Program

565 children fed daily


​4,602 visits to the current one-room clinic last year, which opened in early 2000’s.  New larger clinic to open in 2024. 

Medical Clinic



​195 children had school fees paid by HCOC and 348 receiving assistance with scholastic materials, school uniforms provided as needed.


Sharing God's Love

Daily school devotions delivered by HCOC staff, along with visits to children in the community for bible studies


Fighting HIV/AIDS and Malnutrition

HCOC ensuring adherence, treatment, and continuous care to 30 chronically ill children    


Investment & Infastructure

Over 20 bore holes (wells) installed, solar systems installed, gardens cultivated year-round, support of poultry and fish projects, maintenance of buildings and vehicles needed to deliver critical services, living structures and outhouses for child-headed families, new child friendly clinic opening in 2024, and so much more

Faith’s parents died when she was very young,  and left her with the legacy of AIDs.  Nurse Beauty at the HCOC clinic had helped keep Faith’s disease under control for years, but in July of 2016, Faith’s condition worsened dramatically.


Faith's caretaker, her ailing grandmother, had turned to a "local healer" who took Faith off of her AIDS medication and forbade further medical care. Faith’s condition became so deadly that the grandmother allowed Nurse Beauty to place her on an IV for fluids, but refused to let Faith be taken to the hospital. Two days later, a ZMP representative, accompanied Nurse Beauty and Albert Mukondwa (CEO of HCOC) visited the rondavel where Faith lay dying. 


"Faith was in great pain” the ZMP representative said, “and was literally skin and bones. She wailed on a mat on the dirt floor in the fetal position. I laid with her, held her, and prayed. 


Faith cried, 'Why has God left me?'  

“In the background I heard Albert and Beauty pleading with the grandmother for permission to take Faith to the hospital. Gogo, the grandmother, did not relent that night, but God intervened, and the next morning our desperate race to the hospital began.


"Faith was in the back of the truck wrapped in a blanket and clutched tightly in Gogo's arms. We traveled for over an hour on bumpy dirt roads just to get to a doctor who could arrange for admittance to the hospital. Then we picked up medicine prescribed by the doctor and crossed more bumpy roads until we arrived at the hospital after dark.

“There were no beds left, so Faith slept on the floor in the women's ward that night. As we left the hospital, we hoped and prayed she would get the help she needed

and relief from her pain. 


“Five years later I received this message from Nurse Beauty. 'Can you believe Faith is now regularly coming to HCOC? She is rapidly improving though more flesh should be added to the bones. Praise God!!!!'"

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