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Agriculture Project

Providing the children

with daily nutritious meals

has been a critical component

for improving their mental

& physical health


Produce from HCOC’s gardens

are a major source of the nutritious food provided to

the children. 

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Working with our partner, Renewed Hope Charitable Foundation, HCOC grows Moringa,

a nutritious tree in which the leaves are dried, ground and made available to children at the feeding center.  The resulting powder provides vitamin A and C, protein, calcium, and other critical nutrients.  HCOC has an area where 40,000 moringa trees can be grown. Since Moringa has been included in the diets of HCOC children, the number of sick children has been reduced.

HCOC grows all the essential ingredients to provide one hot meal daily to 565 children.  This includes maize/corn, greens, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, beans and so much more.


Our partner, Renewed Hope Charitable Foundation together with Rotary organizations, have made significant investments in new bore holes (wells) and solar system for sustainable pumping of water, as well as maintenance of existing bore holes, pumps and systems that deliver clean water to the community. 


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The  Morris brothers stay with their grandmother who is in her 90’s. Their father died some years ago and their mothers where-abouts are unknown.  The brothers receive interventions from HCOC because their grandmother is unable to provide for all their basic needs given her age.  

They receive food supplies grown in the HCOC gardens, blankets, school fees and stationery.  With the boys still at a young age, their grandmother worries what will happen to them when she is no longer around for them.

She is very grateful for the support of HCOC and prays for their continued support. 

Image by Martin Bekerman
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