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Total Number of orphans and vulnerable children:     600

Funded to date:                372

Not yet funded:                228

Donation options:  

  • $5,000 funds all orphans/vulnerable children in one of 21 villages  (1 year with meals, education, etc).

  • $3,000 funds Ambulance and Emergency Services for 1 year.

  •  $1,000 funds one Child-Headed Household for 1 year.

  •  $250 funds a child for 1 year with meals, education, medical assistance and spiritual support.

  •  $100 funds a child’s education for 1 year.

  •  $25 funds a child’s school uniform

Fundraiser Sponsored by:

Eagle River Presbyterian Church, Avon. Colorado

Personal and Donor Advisory Account checks may be sent to:

Zimbabwe Mission Partnership (ERPC funding)

1151 Eagle Drive, #185 Loveland, CO 80537


Personal check to Eagle River Presbyterian Church 

 for Zimbabwe Mission Partnership (or ZMP) fund

Zimbabwe Mission Partnership is a 501(C)(3) 

Tax ID # 27-4780596


Summer 2024 'Team Zimbabwe'

Your donation will make a huge difference! - saving lives and providing food, water, medical care, school fees and other basic necessities. Fundraising Goal: $75,000.00

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