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The Need

  • Zimbabwe is an African nation devastated by poverty. In the middle of this strife is Heather Chimhoga Orphan Care Center (HCOC). 

  • There are many children orphaned after one or both parents have died of AIDS or other illnesses or accidents. 


  • There are children who have been abandoned & homeless.

  • Some of the children are also HIV positive and need continual treatment.


  • Due to severe economic conditions, it is often difficult for relatives to take in and provide for these children.

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The Solution

Equip and Enable Heather Chimhoga Orphan Care to:

  • Mobilize resources to feed, clothe and educate children.

  • Help to raise children in their community using local caregivers rather than institutionalizing children.

  • Provide children a solid foundation in Christian values and biblical teachings.

  • Provide children who are HIV-Positive with an antiretroviral therapy monitored by an HCOC health care representative. 

  • Work tirelessly to ensure that all children receive vaccines and medical care.

Caregivers are the heart of the Solution

Tecla M. has a large area to cover as caregiver for the Sadza Village. One of her many charges is a boy we’ll call Shine.

Shine is a teenager with a smile that never ends, even with a challenging life. He is a double orphan, losing his mother to illness and being abandoned by his father.

Shine enjoys helping his “foster family”, a family that lives very near and helps him when they can, mold bricks so they can extend their living space. He does this gladly knowing his own shelter has only half a roof and no shutting door. He begins his day hiding his personal belongings from thieves in a field and ends each day retrieving them.

Shine is in dire need of a safe structure to live in and keep him and his belongings safe. Since his outhouse is unstable and may fall at any time, he would also like aid from HCOC to reconstruct it.

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Will you help
be a part of
the Solution?

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