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Feeding Centers Approved by R. Lunch time_edited.jpg

HCOC provides

one hot meal to 500 children every day -  

This is accomplished through three HCOC feeding centers adjacent to the schools

Monthly groceries and supplies are also delivered to child-headed-households where older children live alone or with their siblings, but with no parents or guardians

The school feeding program has gone far beyond a daily plate of food for 565 children, producing high returns in critical areas of education, health, nutrition, social protection, and agriculture.

This program has helped children get to school and stay there!  School enrollments have improved and reduced dropouts amongst the orphans and vulnerable children.

Challenge: Inflation means feeding center is not fully funded.

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Image by Esteban Castle

Kale is a male child attending Nymashato Primary School. He lives outside of Gandazha Village under caregiver T. Rwambiwa.Kale lost his father when he was an infant. His mother then left and her whereabouts are unknown. He lives with his Gogo (Grandmother) who has a mental health condition and his Great Gogo who is bedridden.Kale has become their primary supporter and caretaker. He often hunts for birds with a sling shot he made and sets traps for field mice. He is considered a child-headed household with HCOC and receives food, clothing & fees in order to attend school.Kale says that without HCOC, his family would likely starve.

Two Cooks.jpeg

HCOC Cooks -
preparing hot, daily  
meals for children

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